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Web Application Design

In the past few years, almost every respectable program also exists as a web and Smartphone application. Today, most companies understand that every technological development department must work side by side with a UI and UX designer who's fluent in the Internet world and thoroughly understands the importance of clean and clear esthetic design while keeping the user in mind at all times.

Shkedim Studio specializes in designing UI, usability, web and mobile applications, Interface design that allows the user the most comfortable usability, arranging the content in a clear and logical way while keeping the system's aesthetic and UI & UX consulting. We are familiar with all the new technologies and we are updated on new UI global innovations.

The interfaces that we design are light weighted, maintaining clear and easy hierarchy and are simple to use from the beginning. We focus on avoiding information overload and keeping away from providing too many options for the user. We maintain the information arrangement in thoughtful way while always keeping in mind the users' frequently used tools as opposed to the rarely used ones.

We have vast experience in designing interface such as Iphone, Android, CRM, CMS, tailor made internal systems for large organizations, e-commerce and more. Among our clients is the Ministry of Finance, various forex companies and international development companies. You are welcome to send us a request for a price quote and we'll be happy to get back to you shortly.

עיצוב ממשק

UI design for a web application

עיצוב ממשקי משתמש

User interface design for a CMS

עיצוב UI

System redesign for the treasury

עיצוב GUI

UI design for a forex system

עיצוב ממשק משתמש

UI design for e-commerce system

עיצוב ממשקים

Soical network application design